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7 mai 2008 3 07 /05 /mai /2008 17:49

Le super-héros est une thématique de plus en plus en vogue dans le champ de l'art contemporain. En parralèle à « Hero or Nothing », l'exposition que notre équipe co-organise au Studio Art and You (du 29 mai 21 juin 2008), le Met de New York démontre, à partir d'aujourd'hui, comment ces mêmes superhéros ont influencé la mode.

Dans le communiqué de presse du Met, figurent ces quelques lignes :
« Since the first appearance of Superman in 1938, the superhero has exercised a powerful influence over our collective imagination, serving as avatars or conduits for our hopes, dreams, and desires. Until relatively recently, when they were co-opted by high art, superheroes have often been dismissed as frivolous and superficial, but their apparent triviality is the very thing that gives them the ability to address serious issues.
Like Clark Kent’s nerdiness or Bruce Wayne’s playboy disaffection, the subterfuge frees superheroes to respond to and comment upon shifting attitudes toward self and society, toward identity and ideology. Through the years, the superhero has been used to embody—through metaphor—our social and political realities. At the same time, it has been used to represent concepts reflective of sexuality and corporeality through idealized, objectified, and hyperbolic visualizations of the human body. Constantly redefined and reworked according to popular canons of beauty, superheroes embody the superlative. Fashion not only shares the superhero’s metaphoric malleability, but actually embraces and responds to the particular metaphors that the superhero represents, notably that of the power of transformation.
Fashion celebrates metamorphosis, providing unlimited opportunities to remake and reshape the flesh and the self. Through fashion and the superhero, we gain the freedom to fantasize, to escape the banal, the ordinary, and the quotidian. The fashionable body and the superhero body are sites upon which we can project our fantasies, offering a virtuosic transcendence beyond the moribund and utilitarian. » (Pour en savoir plus sur cette expo...)

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Don Jerry Can 14/05/2008 11:10

Belle ballade sur ce blog. Merci